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infoQuant Headquarters in Greater LondoninfoQuant's team comprises outstanding specialists in bioinformatics, advanced statistics, microarray technology and software development delivering Copy Number and LOH analysis tools to diagnosticians and researchers. Headquartered in London, UK, we maintain very close contact with our customers throughout the world. The majority of our employees hold advanced degrees in molecular biology, computer science, statistics or business. Our commitment is to close collaboration with customers and partners addressing both immediate needs and growth of array-based technologies.


We have applied years of experience in microarray image and data analysis to provide our users with efficient and targeted solutions specific to both research and diagnostic needs. Our software products help scientists and clinicians not only through accurate analytics, but also through user-friendly and guiding workflow. All our software solutions have been shaped in close collaboration with leading diagnostic and research laboratories in the U.S. that together with us believe in aCGH and SNP technologies as one of the major medical breakthrough platforms.

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infoQuant staff has been helping clinical and research institutions world-wide in building their in-house state-of-the-art bioinformatics systems over the past years. We have accumulated a wide spectrum of expertise in such critical areas of biology-oriented informatics as database architecture, microarray image and data analysis, statistics, reporting and management of analysis results etc. We are always happy to hear what kind of challenges our customers are facing and to provide our expertise in building custom solutions to help our customers move to the next level of their operations or research.

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