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infoQuant announces new data management product

infoQuant Ltd announced a new software product featuring data management technology for array CGH and SNP arrays. The name of the new solution - cnTrack - reflects particular laboratory data management niche it is targeting: data storage and workflow tracking for DNA Copy Number analysis. With array technology becoming widely used in many diagnostic laboratories, the issue of effectively managing and analyzing large data produced by daily clinical and research operations became especially important. infoQuant produced cnTrack solution specifically to answer the challenge of daily array data management and multi-user detection and interpretation of chromosomal anomalies at high-volume laboratories.

“This was a major undertaking on infoQuant's side,” said Anton Petrov, Scientific Director of infoQuant Ltd. “You can imagine challenges posed by having to store, retrieve and interrogate Gigabytes of data and to keep the system open to any high-resolution array technology, any database backend and any patient information management system a customer might have. We are really proud to have completed this time- and resource-demanding project and we are looking forward to offering cnTrack to our customer base as the flagship of our product line. It is closely integrated with infoQuant's analytical packages oneClickCGH and CGH Fusion. Introduction of cnTrack will make our product offering to Cytogenetic laboratories an end-to-end solution for array data storage, management, interpretation and analysis.”

About infoQuant Ltd:

infoQuant Ltd is a leading provider of Copy Number Analysis software. Based out of London, infoQuant is a global company with a network of customers in U.S. and Europe. The company developed the only end-to-end aCGH and SNP data analysis solution currently used in commercial molecular diagnostics tests. infoQuant defines its mission as providing targeted solutions for clinical copy number analysis.