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infoQuant enters a collaboration agreement with Illumina

infoQuant. announced today that it joined the Illumina Connect bioinformatics program and is proud to provide state-of-the-art copy number analysis of Illumina array data. Through Illumina Connect infoQuant's advanced copy number solutions will deliver a seamless experience to Illumina customers.

"infoQuant is delighted to join the Illumina Connect program and is committed to provide Illumina customers with easy access to its novel solutions for copy number analysis" said Anton Petrov infoQuant CEO. "By working closely with Illumina, we have an excellent opportunity to assist not only thought leaders in their research but also clinical diagnostic labs in their daily activities".

infoQuant’s oneClickCGH is a novel data interpretation software that provides quick and easy copy number analysis designed specifically for array-based diagnostics. Proven in major diagnostics laboratories, its logical workflow combined with integrated gene annotations and CNV tracks simplifies diagnostic reporting. Compatibility of oneClickCGH with Illumina data formats will give Illumina customers a simple and effective way to conduct copy number analysis to facilitate diagnostics.

infoQuant's CGH Fusion is the ultimate end-to-end data analysis solution that facilitates construction of complex array CGH datasets and identification of biologically meaningful regions of common chromosomal anomalies. CGH Fusion provides large scale batch processing of copy number data across all major array platforms and allows scientists to solve biological problems they could not address before. Close integration of CGH Fusion with BeadStudio will allow researchers to fuse data across hundreds of samples, find areas of common copy number variation and determine their clinical relevance.