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infoQuant Ltd initiates development of a new free-access analytics portal (working title intended to answer basic data management and Copy Number analysis needs of users of the array and sequencing technologies.

This web portal will provide essential data management and data interrogation functionality for array- and NGS-based research geared towards chromosomal anomaly analysis. infoQuant intends to put years of its experience in software development for chromosomal data interpretation and analysis behind this new website much needed for clinical and research communities.

“This is going to be more than just another software project for us,” said Anton Petrov, Scientific Director of infoQuant Ltd. “Genomius project is our attempt to remove roadblocks in clinical and academic research of chromosomal alterations. Genomius is going to be technology agnostic - as all of our software - and will allow users to quickly and intuitively display and annotate their chromosomal region data, query across batches of samples, analyze data for common alterations, compare result with publicly available datasets etc. Basically, we intend to make complex task of multi-sample Copy Number and LOH analysis accessible and simple. At this point our plan is to make basic functionality of Genomius free of any fees and then introduce "Genomius Pro" subscription for advanced and high-volume users. Basic version of the portal is planned to come out in Q4 2013.”

About infoQuant Ltd:

infoQuant Ltd is a leading provider of Copy Number Analysis software. Based out of London, infoQuant is a global company with a network of customers in U.S. and Europe. The company developed the only end-to-end aCGH and SNP data analysis solution currently used in commercial molecular diagnostics tests. infoQuant defines its mission as providing targeted solutions for clinical copy number analysis.