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infoQuant introduces its latest line of copy number analysis products

infoQuant Ltd brings microarray technology closer to clinical use with its latest release of copy number analysis and interpretation software oneClickCGH and CGH Fusion for microarray-based comparative genomic hybridization tests (array CGH).

With array CGH technology becoming widely used in academic as well as clinical set-ups, the issue of reliable and user-friendly data interpretation has proven to be critical. To meet this challenge, common to researchers and clinicians, infoQuant Ltd produces two end-to-end solutions oneClickCGH and CGH Fusion. The updated releases deliver fully automated data analysis, innovative data interaction and other enhanced capabilities to aCGH and SNP users. 

“infoQuant has been working closely with major commercial providers of molecular diagnostic tests as well as research laboratories,” said Anton Petrov, Scientific Director of infoQuant Ltd. “Our solutions bridge the gap between the raw data acquired in a laboratory and the clinical report on a researcher’s or a physician’s desk. We are determined to bring our expertise of building bioinformatics pipelines for leading diagnostic laboratories to the community of array CGH users through our unique commercial software packages. Any laboratory working with array CGH can find a solution in our product line that will bring efficiency of their copy number analysis to a completely new level in terms of the accuracy and usability of the data.”

“This second release of our basic package oneClickCGH facilitates automated assessment of copy number changes for virtually any array CGH platform and provides an extensive set of tools for building custom copy number reports”, added Dr. Petrov. “The innovative and unique workflow of our advanced package CGH Fusion now empowers its users to detect common aberration regions across hundreds of samples with unprecedented precision down to the level of a single probe. Its ability to quickly visualize and compare genomic profiles for large groups of samples is appreciated by researchers across the globe. Additionally, we introduced impressive sets of gene annotations and CNVs that are visualized right where you need them to help you make an informed inference.”

About infoQuant Ltd:

infoQuant Ltd is a leading provider of Copy Number Analysis software. Based out of London, infoQuant is a global company with a network of customers in U.S. and Europe. The company developed the only end-to-end aCGH and SNP data analysis solution currently used in commercial molecular diagnostics tests. infoQuant defines its mission as providing targeted solutions for clinical copy number analysis.