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infoQuant releases the next generation of cnTrack

infoQuant Ltd completed development of the next-generation of its array data management system cnTrack.

infoQuant Ltd releases the new version (v2.0) of its array CGH and SNP array data management solution cnTrack. The new release represents an evolutionary step of company's established data management product and was engineered to make modern laboratory technologies in the area of high-resolution DNA alteration testing more efficient. The goal of this generation of the software is to provide high-volume data management and workflow control adaptable to any array platform and existing laboratory infrastructure.

“We have been working on this critical update in collaboration with several cytogenetic laboratories world-wide,” said Anton Petrov, Scientific Director of infoQuant Ltd. “This release is designed to increase flexibility of data management and analysis pipeline for our customers using array-based copy number testing. This new version of cnTrack will make monitoring of laboratory data flow adaptable to virtually any laboratory infrastructure. System's performance enhancements make sure cnTrack is capable of handling very large array data sets with medium-range hardware. During our development we also put particular accent on compatibility with other laboratory information databases that might be used at our customer's site to ensure best utilization of demographic and clinical data in array data lifecycle. We want to demonstrate that we paid attention to our customers' data management needs and I am hoping this update will help them bring efficiency of their operations to the next level.”

The first version of cnTrack was released in December 2011. With array technology becoming widely used in many diagnostic laboratories, the issue of effectively managing and analyzing large data produced by daily clinical and research operations became especially important. infoQuant produced cnTrack solution specifically to answer the challenge of daily array data management and multi-user detection and interpretation of chromosomal anomalies at high-volume laboratories.

About infoQuant Ltd:

infoQuant Ltd is a leading provider of Copy Number Analysis software. Based out of London, infoQuant is a global company with a network of customers in U.S. and Europe. The company developed the only end-to-end aCGH and SNP data analysis solution currently used in commercial molecular diagnostics tests. infoQuant defines its mission as providing targeted solutions for clinical copy number analysis.