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Roche Nimblegen aCGH

Roche NimblegenUsers of Roche-Nimblegen arrays can use our GFF file import module to load their data into oneClickCGH and CGH Fusion data analysis packages. Roche-Nimblegen data can also be imported into infoQuant’s data management system cnTrack.  Data acquired from the following chips can be analyzed using infoQuant software:


  • Human CGH 4.2M Whole Genome Tiling Array
  • HD2 (2.1M) Whole Genome Tiling Array
  • 3x720K Whole Genome Array
  • 12x135K Whole Genome Array
  • 385K Tiling Arrays
  • 4x72K Tiling Arrays

Cytogeneticists using Roche-Nimblegen platform can benefit from ISCN-compliant reporting module built into infoQuant software. oneClickCGH can provide full cytogenetic overview of a particular case at hands within minutes utilizing benefits of ultra-high resolution of Roche-Nimblegen arrays. CGH Fusion on the other hand allows its users to compare results across samples and facilitates comparison of Roche-Nimblegen data with data generated by other array platforms, if necessary.

Both raw and averaged data can be loaded and successfully visualized and processed in oneClickCGH for Cytogenetic analysis. Comprehensive whole-genome browser facilitates clinical inference with various types of annotations and is capable of working even with ultra-high resolution data.

infoQuant's leading Copy Number detection algorithm (Robust Binary Segmentation) delivers reliable detection of both micro- and extended alterations to Roche-Niblegen users. And CGH Fusion's multi-sample view provides unique ability to visualize both averaged and raw log-ratios in a single view for further robustness of your results.

The memory and CPU-efficient cross-sample analysis pipeline of CGH Fusion ensures that ultra-high resolution aCGH datasets can be quickly processed on an average PC and common copy number patterns can be visualized in an interactive manner.

Larger laboratories can benefit from infoQuant’s data management solution cnTrack. cnTrack can be used to streamline array data operations in a multi-user environment. By integration with infoQuant’s Copy Number analytics suite and incorporation of various types of patient information into aCGH workflow cnTrack establishes itself as an end-to-end software solution for a high-throughput Cytogenetic laboratory.